If you visit the elementary school in Terracina, Italy, you're going to be a little bit tripped it out. As of a month or two ago, several small children appear to be standing sideways on the building's façade. But obviously, children cannot defy gravity. They're actually the latest creation of a street artist named Strøk.

Strøk—also known as Anders Gjennestad—is a master of stencil art. He's known worldwide for his hand-cut, multi-layered stencils that create a sense of depth on what's otherwise a necessarily two-dimensional technique. His work also tends to be terribly detailed, almost to the point of being photorealistic. It definitely makes Banksy's famous monochrome stencil art seem a little bit basic.

The Norwegian artist's latest project is no exception. Painted in conjunction with the Memorie Urbane street art festival in Italy, the mural occupies a very conspicuous space on the front of the school, but the trope of children with shadows can be seen all over town. If you can't make it to Italy to see his latest work, though, don't fret. Strøk's vivid stencils are popping up in cities around the world. [Street Art News]

Images by Anne Esser via Street Art News