These Portraits Are Made from Hubble Images (And Yours Can Be, Too)

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These striking images might only just look like faces—but that's OK, because they're made up of images acquired by the Hubble space telescope.


Put together by Spanish visual artist Sergio Albiac, they're part of his Stardust project, which he explains is “an experiment in generative portraiture.” In fact, as part of that experiment, he's willing to create your portrait, too.

All you have to do is upload a frontal image of your face to your Google Drive account, drop Albiac an email at, and then... wait. He'll do a little quality control, and if your image is suitable, it'll be processed using his algorithms and your face will be cast in stars.

The results will then magically appear in your Drive account and on Flickr (you can opt out of that last part if you want). What are you waiting for? [Sergio Albiac via Peta Pixel]


Project Stardust

Thanks Gizmodo for posting my project. Though if you want to participate, please don not send a mail to !!!!

The steps are:

1 - Upload a frontal face jpg photo to your Google Drive account.

2 - Share the photo in Google Drive with (but do not send an email !!).

Complete instructions and Q&A at….


Sergio Albiac