These 'Professional' Sweatsuits Won't Fool Anyone But Who Cares, They're Comfortable

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If the thought of having to ‘dress up’ has you skipping fancy dinner parties, or turning down promotions at work, Fruit of the Loom might have a solution for you. Its 2016 Professional Collection is a line of fleece sweatsuits printed with ‘formal’ designs that make it look like you’re actually dressed as an adult.

There are four different styles to choose, depending on the look you’re going for, including Business Time, Corporate Cowboy, Country Clubber, and Nobody’s Sucker. You’ll still need to pair each sweatsuit with a matching pair of possibly uncomfortable shoes to complete the illusion, but it’s better than having to wear a real suit, or even a button-down shirt, for that matter.

There’s one other important advantage to showing up for a meeting wearing a fleece sweatsuit, besides comfort. Each of these Fruit of the Loom outfits costs only $50, allowing you to assemble an entire month’s wardrobe for the cost of a properly tailored suit.


If you hate doing laundry even more than you hate having to dress up, you better stock up on these before they sell out.

[Fruit of the Loom via PSFK]