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These Rugged, Encrypted Pocket Drives Keep Your Data Locked Up Safe

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There are plenty of external drives floating around at CES, but Rocstor's offer up a rugged casing and secure encryption in a surprisingly sleek package.

Rocstor has actually announced a trio of drives: the Amphibious X5, Hawker HX and Lancer LX. Sadly, the first isn't waterproof, but it does use AES-256 encryption and both FIPS and NIST Cryptographic Engine validation to keep your data locked up safely. To even attempt to access data on this thing you'll need a passcode. It's available in 64GB to 512GB SSD or 250GB to 1TB HDD versions, and packs USB and FireWire connections.

Elsewhere, the Hawker and Lancer are less secure, dropping, respectively, pass code access and encryption altogether. There's no word on pricing, but if you like to keep your data out of reach of others, the Amphibious X5 may be the drive for you. [Rocstor via Engadget]