These Scissors' Grooved Handle Makes Them Safer To Use as a Knife

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At one point or another, who of us hasn't risked losing a finger by opening a pair of scissors and using them as a quick, impromptu knife? It turns out they're a pretty good way to open taped boxes without horribly slicing what's inside, so Quirky took the idea and created a pair of scissors called the Sheath that's actually safe to use as an improvised knife.

When fully opened a groove in the handle stashes one of the scissor's blades making it safe to hold and letting you repurpose the lowly crafting tool into a formidable slicing apparatus. Quirky hasn't quite nailed down a price for this little innovation just yet, but they are putting into production. And even if the charge an arm and a leg for it, it's still better than accidentally losing an arm or a leg using a traditional pair of scissors like this. [Quirky]