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Remarkably, I Don’t Hate Looking at Frigidaire’s New Connected AC

Illustration for article titled Remarkably, I Don’t Hate Looking at Frigidaire’s New Connected AC

I live in an apartment, currently an extremely cold-ass apartment. But even soul-crushing temps can’t keep me from gadget-crushing on this good-looking connected AC unit from Frigidaire.


Seemingly pulling design cues from Sonos’ wifi speakers, the Gallery Cool Connect Room air conditioner is one of only a few smart-cooling options for apartment-dwellers. The unit comes with an iOS and Android app for controls and filter-cleaning. But the unit’s convenience doesn’t stop with mobile apps. The front drawer is also magnetized and easily removable, so cleaning that filter isn’t a complete pain in the ass.

Frigidaire lifts a couple ideas from Quirky’s (RIP) Aros AC by placing vents on top of the unit, which pushing cool air up and then out. This awesome AC will cost you $330 for an 8,000 BTU unit, but sometimes looking nice is worth the price.


[Frigidaire via Digital Trends]

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If that’s not just a leftover Quirky Aros (which I believe was made by Frigidaire) with a new facade, then I don’t know what is. And based on the Aros reviews, I’ll pass.