These 'sexy' Lord of the Rings costume designs aren't what you'd expect

It's less than 10 days to go till Halloween, and that means there's weird, wonderful and just plain awful 'sexy' costumes out on shelves everywhere - but this trio of lovely Lord of the Rings-themed designs by MJ Alexander are for characters who don't usually get the Sexy treatment.


Alexander's designs aren't your typical 'sexy' outfits either, but are actually pretty cool designs, especially the genius way Sauron's eye hangs between the two straps of the Barad-dûr dress. But also, 'Sexy Thangorodrim' is just a hilariously out there idea and I love it:

And gents, don't feel left out! You too can get in on the sexy LOTR fun with a sexy Gollum outfit:


Abs not included.

You can see more of MJ's work on her art Tumblr, or buy prints over on Etsy.

[Snartha, via Fashionably Geek]

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