These Short Science Fiction Stories Will Make You Fear The Holidays

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There's a nip in the air, presents are being stockpiled and wrapped, and frosted cookies in the shapes of various plants and animals are making their way onto shelves across the nation. Who doesn't love this time of year? Well, you — as soon as you finish reading these festively terrifying science fiction shorts.

Compiled from your six word science fiction submissions, these six word stories run the gamut from a sinister message from Santa's bag to a Polaroid camera that no one hopes to receive as a gift this year (plus a few less-holiday themed ones for anyone who was already eyeing the calendar with suspense).

So get reading, and then start compiling your apology to Future You, you know, the one that hoped to actually enjoy the holidays.



"Santa's bag, our prison...until Christmas."


"The EMP disabled Rudolph's nose!"



Winter's first snow.. No. Microscopic .... eggs?!


FREE: Polaroid camera. Shows the future.

With a sequel from ManhackMan

No response needed. Buyer already known.

giant enemy turtle

Deploy all ground to sleigh missiles!


Rome WAS built in a day.

Platypus Man

"When?" I asked.

"Yesterday," I replied.


SETI made contact! A busy signal...


"New Horizons here. Pluto's demanding reclassification."


Colonists needed: Blue planet; inhabitants extinct


"Singularity happened years ago," smartphone admits.


"We always could," replied the dolphin.