This $120 Anti-Gravity Machine Beats All Desk Toys To Date

The Slinky? A Rubik's Cube? Newton's Cradle? None of those tried-and-true office time-wasters can even begin to compare with the awesomeness that is this ultrasonic levitation machine that can actually defy gravity and make tiny objects float at your desk. We're not talking a flying hoverboard here, but you'll finally have a great use for all those crumbs left over from lunch.

The transducer used to generate the sound waves needed to lift even tiny foam balls is apparently louder than a jet engine, but because it runs at such an incredibly high frequency, it's well beyond the range of human hearing. In other words, you're not going to go deaf while playing with it.


Richard Haberkern wants to put one of his compact ultrasonic levitators on the desk of every slacker in the country, so he's started a Kickstarter campaign to raise a modest $10,000 to mass produce these kits. You can pre-order one of your own with a donation of just $120, but if you're finding that price tag hard to justify, just tell your spouse you bought it for your kid's upcoming science fair. No one can argue with investing in kids. [Kickstarter - Ultrasonic Levitation Machine via Technabob]



Turn it on, dog loses his shit, wife calls me an idiot, "death shrill" gets put in the attic until garage sale season.