This 3D-Printed Machine Blows 14,000 Bubbles Per Minute

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You can’t truly call it a lazy summer afternoon if you’re doing anything more than just sitting in a lawn chair soaking up the sun. So someone on Thingiverse has designed a 3D-printed bubble blower that can churn out almost 14,000 of them every minute.

This is truly sloth at its finest, or working smarter instead of harder if you’d rather look at it that way. However, there is still some effort involved to build one of these yourself. You’ll have to download the 3D models, get them 3D-printed somewhere, assemble the whole machine with motors and a fan, and then fill a bucket with soapy water. After all that, a simple bubble wand doesn’t sound so strenuous any more. [Thingiverse via 3DPrint]


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