This 9.7-Inch, Android 4.0 Archos Tablet Only Costs $250

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Archos might not be the first name you think of when it comes to tablets. But its latest offering, the 97 Carbon, seems to offer up respectable specs at the same time as being super-cheap.

Coming loaded with Android 4.0—you still have a little wait before you see anything but the Nexus 7 toting Jelly Bean—the slate packs a 9.7-inch 1024 x 768 display, a 1GHz ARM processor and 1GB of RAM. Elsewhere, there's front- and rear-facing cameras and 16GB of internal memory expandable via microSD.

All of which isn't hugely exciting but, dude, this thing costs $250. There are few tablets the size of an iPad for that kind of money so, if you need a bigger screen but are strapped for cash, maybe this is the solution?


Well, don't speak too soon. We've yet to see one in the flesh—they're due to become available by the end of July—but we have an inkling that the build quality might not be the finest you've ever encountered. Definitely worth seeing in person before you rush off to preorder the thing, then. [Business Wire via Verge]

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Then the question is if this is better than a Nexus 7.

I'm fine with the resolution, it's a bit bigger than the Nexus 7 (even though 7" is just fine too), and what's really appealing is the SD card slot.

The second you root it and change that awful stock rom, it'll be just as great as anything else.