This Adorable Flipboard Printing GIF Camera Needs To Be Real

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Are you ready to have your heart broken? The GIF-TY camera, designed and built by Jiho Jang as part of his college thesis, is an adorable Polaroid-like snapper that captures animated GIFs and actually prints them out as tiny flipbooks on instant Z-ink paper. Except that for the time being, you can't buy one.

Sure, they're not as easy to share as posting an animated GIF to your Facebook or Twitter feeds. But as anyone who's ever vandalized a textbook with a tiny animation in the page corners will tell you, there's just something undeniable appealing about playing with an actual flipbook. It's just too bad the only GIF-TY in existence is in Jang's hands, and until he graduates, there's little hope of this being commercialized. [YouTube via Taxi]