This Aluminum Lunch Box Comes With Its Own Cutting Board Lid

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When lunchtime rolls around during the work week, you’ve got a handful of options that usually boil down to two: Head out to one of the food-slingin’ establishments within walking distance, or reach into your bag to eat whatever it is you packed yourself to chow down on that afternoon.

Now, if you’re a regular bring-from-homer, you've probably got an established system for the best means to get your eats from kitchen to office. If you’re new to the ol’ brown bagging game, however, or are looking for new and improved options for ensuring the safe arrival of your sandwich, this aluminum box from Black + Blum looks like a winner.

It comes with a bamboo lid that doubles as a handy cutting board, allowing you to do a little desk-side prep that will help keep things as fresh and un-soggy as possible, while a silicone seal and elastic strap will keep the whole thing from coming apart in transit. It's available here in silver, lime, or pink for $28. [Better Living Through Design]