This Back to the Future's train time machine is heavy, Doc

Masashi, the founder of Team Back to the Future, has a new BTTF project on Lego Cuusoo: Doc Brown's Jules Verne Train. Like the soon-to-come-to-market Lego Back to the Future DeLorean, this model—created by Sakuretsu—is extremely well designed and fully functional.


Sure, the train doesn't actually fly, but it moves. It's fully powered by Lego's train engine.

According to Masashi, the proposed set fits in the current Lego train rail system, supports Lego's power functions and includes minifigs for Doc Brown, Clara, Jules, Verne and Einstein.


Go and vote for it here. We need this train to be released as an official Lego set. [Thanks Masashi!]

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