This BlackBerry Booth Makes Me Sad

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I'm at Pepcom's Digital Experience and while I was running the floor looking for exciting products to share with you— yeah, you—I noticed the saddest booth around.

I know everyone has been giving RIM shit for its recent troubles. OK, necessary clarification: We've been giving RIM a lot of shit for their recent difficulties. But remember, they were the company that brought email to your pocket. They owned the business market for years. I worked for companies that wouldn't even think about giving you email access on your phone if you didn't own a BlackBerry.

Now I'm staring at a booth with three PlayBooks. The devices that's currently dragging the company down. Why BlackBerry? Whyyyy? Throw some phones in there. Hire a contortionist! Or an acrobat or a pony or anything. Or, maybe follow a modified version of everyone's mom's best advice: If you don't have anything nice to show, don't come to the giant press swarm where jerks like me will relentlessly mock you. Or option C: Make something awesome again. You know you can do it.


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An ideal situation is for Microsoft to buy out RIM. Microsoft needs the enterprise market that they would inherit with the purchase and ultimately could move the platform to a corporate version of WP7 while RIM needs Microsoft strength to keep their customers from abandoning all hope. There is a business need for BlackBerry phones to this very day but without some major corporate fore to keep them afloat their core customer base is grasping for an answer of where they will turn for a secure platform.