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This Building's Swooping Curves Were Fabricated By a Robot

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

An architecture firm called Studio RAP has built what it claims is the“first robotically fabricated building in the Netherlands,” using automated milling techniques to craft a unique, swooping structure.

The 130-square-metre building was put together inside a giant disused machine hall. The team used 3D modelling program Rhino to create the plans for the 2235-panel roof, which were then robotically milled. Humans did have a hand in piecing their finger joints together, though, which you can see in this video.

Speaking to Dezeen, the architects explained:

“This optimisation results in a compression-only roof structure. The vault rises up in a spectacular way from a central column that gradually blends into the roof construction in one smooth motion.

“We redefine the definition of the contemporary architect. Through digital fabrication, the architect can become a master builder, with increased control over the quality and integrity of the building in relation to the design intent.”


It’s not the first architectural robot, of course—many different concepts have been suggested and even implemented along the same lines—but it does show that robots are set to taken an increasingly large role in the construction industry.

[Studio RAP via Dezeen]

Images by Studio RAP