Wow, this video has totally screwed up my brain

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This is not an optical illusion, but it takes advantage of exactly the same principles that make optical illusions work: Our eyes and brain don't scan reality like a camera does. Instead, the brain interprets external inputs, building its own reality. No spoilers, just watch.

It has always blown my mind that our brain can feel so imperfect—yet this is only a symptom of how perfect it is, how efficient it got at processing information through a hundred thousand years of evolution, optimizing our perception to increase our chances of survival.


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allan jones

i thought that the black flashes just made it really obvious, although with the first flash i couldn't pinpoint the exact change - only that my brain was screaming at me that something was wrong. by the time that the pig, teapot and monkey turned up, i'd long realised they were mucking about and wasn't even looking at the car any more - i was too busy spotting the changes. nice idea, though, and i reckon it'd work on anyone who hasn't spent the best part of two decades doing mindfulness exercises for fun...