This Clever Wardrobe Hides An Entire Apartment

Thanks to the increasing price of real estate in almost every growing city, apartments are growing smaller by the year. But thankfully, architects are getting more crafty with every reduction in size. Previously, I'd have written off an 8 square meter apartment as impossibly tiny for anything but my pet hamster — but after seeing this design, I'm not so sure.

The apartment was built at the top of a 19th century Haussmann building in Paris as the quarters for a live-in nanny. Despite the ridiculously small size, it still manages to pack in most of the staples of a studio apartment — proper bed, a semi-decent kitchen, full bathroom, and enough storage space for your possessions (assuming you're not a hoarder).


All that said, it still doesn't look like the most pleasant environment to spend oodles of time in. I suppose it makes sense for a nanny, who (I assume) will be spending most of her time in the presumably palatial family home, just retreating back to her room to read Harry Potter. [Vimeo via Freshome]

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