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This Condom for Your AirPods Is Totally Unnecessary

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

AirPods, Apple’s tiny wireless headphones, still aren’t in stock most places, and online orders still take six weeks to arrive, but that hasn’t stopped the third-party accessory market from piling on with unnecessary gadgets.

Since AirPods were first announced, there has been an almost irrational fear of losing AirPods. That’s partially because depending on your ear shape, the buds could fall out while on a jog. And if you DO lose an AirPod, it’s a cool $70 to buy a replacement bud. That’s probably why almost immediately some enterprising people already created a wire to connect AirPods together. Totally wireless might be a liability none of us can afford.


So I understand why Apple is building Find My AirPods into iOS 10. What I don’t understand is the new $20 PodPocket, which isn’t designed to keep your AirPods in your ear, but targets the tiny floss-like case the AirPods charge in.

It’s basically a $20 rubber condom for your AirPods case with a keychain on the end. I guess the thought is that the case, because it’s small, would be easy to lose in a pocket or bag.


But consider this promotional photo PodPocket created to promote its ware:


Note how the case in the condom is just attached to the outside of backpack. Now, maybe this is because I live in New York City, where people will totally swipe your shit if out in the open, but that just screams like an invitation to have your AirPods or your AirPod case stolen.

And from personal experience with AirPods, the small size of the case isn’t really a problem. Plus, if you want to deter theft (and not invite it!), a $5 sticker is probably a better bet.