This Controller Plays 8-Bit Chiptunes, Not Video Games

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As popular as the Game Boy was for portable gaming ages ago, did you know it's still popular as an instrument for those obsessed with the sounds of classic 8-bit gaming? But instead of wasting your Tetris-capable portable console on making music, you can help David Clift-Reaves make his Lo-Fi SES controller a reality and perform your chiptune symphonies with hardware specifically designed for gamers turned musicians.

Bearing a slight resemblance to a Super Nintendo controller that's been stripped of its gray plastic housing, the Lo-Fi SES lets you perform and record a multi-track 8-bit chiptune masterpiece like you were playing a round of Super Mario Kart. Where you'd normally find a directional pad, the Lo-Fi SES features four buttons used for recording, playback, and track selection. And triggering the 8-bit built-in sound effects is accomplished by mashing the four action buttons on the right.


Your performances aren't limited to just the sounds included on the Lo-Fi SES, though. The controller actually supports tiny cartridges that introduce new sounds, effects, and even let you tether the hardware to a computer via USB so you can upload your own samples. Not bad for a $50 donation to this Kickstarter that secures you one of the first Lo-Fi SES units, and hopefully just in time for the holidays. [Kickstarter - Lo-Fi SES]


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