This Cool Camping Gadget Pours Like A Kettle But Cooks Like a Pot

The team at Biolite, who brought you the ingenious Camp Stove that also charges gadgets, have returned with a new way to heat your outdoorsy eats and drinks. This month, the company is introducing the KettlePot, which is—you guessed it!—a kettle and a pot combined into one very convenient vessel.


There’s 1.5 liters of space in the lightweight, stainless steel canister, and the BPA-free lid can be used as a cover or a spout, depending on what you’re making. A silicone seal keeps the top on tight and the handles cool, and when you’re dunzo with dinner, you can store the CampStove inside it and stick the whole thing in the included sack—et voila, you’re ready to get rugged. Get yours here for $49.95 (and the CampStove for $129.95 here). [Biolite]

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