This Bizarre Cutlery Was Designed to Make First Dates Less Awkward

Everybody dreads first dates in their own way. Some worry that they won't have anything to talk about. Others fear that they'll be judged by what they say. And a token few are terrified—mortified!—that they'll spill food all over themselves. For that cadre, I have a solution.

Behold: Designer Christina Guardiola's "First Date Cutlery." In subtle little ways this fork, spoon(s) and knife set can make that initial meeting with the opposite sex (or the same sex!) less awkward. The soup spoon is shaped in such a way to prevent spillage and limit slurping:


The fork and knife have magnets embedded in them that cause the implements to cross like sword when you set them down on the plate. According to Guardiola, "This encourages short breaks from eating and a willingness to chat."

Then, finally, there's dessert. This oval bowl of a spoon is designed for sharing without too much overlap of mouths.


This is all assuming, of course, that whipping out your own set of flatware is not the most awkward thing you could do on a first date. It probably is, but dang, those spoons are pretty. [PSFK]

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