This Dell Fart Art Video Must Be A Hoax (Updated)

You've seen a thousand videos vaguely similar to this one—at least in the way it starts—but just be patient. Give it two minutes. There's an unexpected payoff. A money shot, if you will.


This is pretty clearly a hoax. I mean, did you see how bad that logo looked? Or checked out photographer Clayton Sotos' website? Why would it and the "Visual Innovators" sites both have anonymous DreamHost registrations? And isn't this Tumblr a little too, um, on-the-nose?

We've got a query into Dell to find out, just in case. But I have to say, if Dell actually did make this video, I would be so impressed that I'd just about have to run out and buy a Dell, dude.

Update: The Google Analytics ID (UA-4658913) found in the source code of the associated Visual Innovators site matches the one used by The Merkin Bros and Christian Heuer. I've got queries out.

Update Two: Heuer didn't return my email, so I called him and asked if he made the spoof. His response (after asking me to repeat myself several times because he said he could not understand me due to a bad connection) was that "as of right now, I have no comment." When I asked him why the same Google Analytics ID appeared in the spoof Website as in his personal one, he asked "what is Google Analytics?" He asked what I thought of the video because "a lot of people are talking about it." (I replied that I found it funny.) When I asked if he created video, he told me he had to go to a meeting, and concluded by saying "Tomorrow! Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, we can chat tomorrow."

Meanwhile, Dell has confirmed that it did not create the video (and is being surprisingly cool about it):

This video is in no way affiliated with Dell, but it's great to see creative professionals get inspiration from using our products. Our program is all about celebrating people who take their own professional path. Regarding this parody, we consider imitation to be the sincerest form of flattery.


Update Three: Austyn Jeffs, who appears in a Merkin Bros video sent out two tweets, that were subsequently both deleted, claiming to have "co-directed this spot for Dell!!! It's for their new, online 'Visual Innovators' series."

I've reached out to Jeffs on Twitter and via email to find out more.




Artsy Fartsy in the truest sense of the phrase. :/