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This Dock Swallows Your iPhone So You're Less Tempted to Use it at Night

Illustration for article titled This Dock Swallows Your iPhone So Youre Less Tempted to Use it at Night

What little sleep we actually get these days should ideally be as distraction-free as possible. And that's what inspired Douglas Wood to design the 夜間night* charging dock that not only hides your iPhone inside, but also annoys you whenever a notification pops up—encouraging you to just turn it off.


The Japanese characters in 夜間night* directly translate to 'from dusk to dawn' in english, which is how long Douglas hopes users of the dock will sleep. When your iPhone is placed inside, the hidden dock connector charges your phone, but also gives the bedside accessory access to when email or text message notifications arrive. And when they do, the dock's soft soothing glow—which usually helps put you to sleep—starts intensely flashing, jerking you out of your peaceful slumber. At that point you can either respond to the message, or shut your phone off (or put it in airplane mode) which was Douglas' ultimate goal with this design.


We just hope the 夜間night* dock is made from Tonka-tough materials because we suspect that Douglas didn't consider the third option users have when this thing starts flashing. To either knock it to the ground where it's out of sight, or heave it against the wall so it won't bother you for the rest of the night. [Mr. Douglas Wood via The Fancy]

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Unless I'm utterly mistaken, 夜間 doesn't directly translate into "from dusk to dawn". It merely means "nighttime". So, you can say it means "from dusk to dawn", but when it's used, it usually means nighttime, as in, nighttime classes.