This Emergency Condom Delivery App Is the Reason Smartphones Were Invented

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When you look down at your smartphone and think about how much it's made your life easier and better, you'll probably think about how the Internet is at your fingertips or how you can share filtered photos with friends or send texts without ever having to speak to anyone. You'll probably think that's why the smartphone was invented. You'd be wrong. The reason we have smartphones? For an emergency condom delivery app.

SOS Condoms, which is made for balloon enthusiasts and by condom maker Durex, is an app that can change the world and I don't say that lightly. If you're ever stuck in a pickle with a potential mate but no condom (practice safe sex people!), you can drop a pin of your location through the SOS Condoms app and have the rubbers hand delivered to you. Choose the pack you want, cash or credit, bam. It's the best delivery system since we decided to transport pizzas in cardboard boxes.


The service is available between 4PM and 4AM so everyone—people who like early evening bones or those working the late night shift—is covered (sorry if you like it in the morning though, but you can plan ahead for that!). Durex tested the service in Dubai (why does that lawless paradise get everything cool) but will cross-my-fingers hopefully expand elsewhere. Even if it never comes to America and is just some sort of wonderful marketing ploy to inception Durex driven dreams into our hopeful libido, this is the future fellas. Enjoy responsibly. [iTunes via AdAge, PSFK]