This Fancy Vacuum Is Coated in Diamond Dust and Costs Literally Nothing: $0

Remember that $1,000,000 gold-plated vacuum that, weirdly, no one was buying? The one with its own worthless rap? Well, GoVacuum, the makers of that fancy vac have come out with yet another ridiculously blinged out dust sucker. That was quick. Wasn't it?


The SEBO GV62712 GoVacuum Felix Crystallize Onyx is GoVacuum's latest offering (a joint effort with the German vacuum maker SEBO) and despite being powder-coated in actual diamond dust, this one is literally priceless. As in: $0.

"I think of it like the Hope diamond, as a Smithsonian curator once described it as ‘priceless' because it was ‘irreplaceable'. That's also the case with the SEBO GV62712, it's the only vacuum of its kind and while we have a limited production run of 100 for the gold plated GV62711 vacuums, the SEBO GV62712 is just one vacuum, period, SEBO nor GoVacuum will ever make another," says Justin Haver, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at

The new SEBO co-creation is has silver-plated handles and a power nozzle coated in diamond dust. And this time, GoVacuum is giving it away! Sticking with the company's penchant for vacuum-based raps, they are inviting interested parties to create their own rap song. Raps can be sent in to GoVacuum, who will then upload them to their Youtube channel. The video with the most votes will win the priceless diamond dust SEBO vacuum. The contest will run from 08/28/2012 until 12/15/2012—more info can be found at their website.

Oh, and in case you're curious as to whether they've had any success selling the $1M gold vacuum: not yet.

"We still haven't sold any gold vacuums, so like Jay-Z, I got 99 problems, it's just mine are vacuums waiting to be sold and covered in gold.

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This is why I visit The Verge before I visit Gizmodo when I get up. They don't have any dedicated vacuum coverage. Pointless.