This Ferrari Gets You Through Your Quarter Life Crisis

You're 25 and life is tough. You got laid off at work. Your girlfriend dumped you. You ate three KFC Double Downs last week...unironically. You need to get behind the wheel of a Thrustmaster Ferrari Wireless GT racing game controller.


Every crisis deserves a sports car. And Thrustmaster's Ferrari Wireless GT Cockpit 430 Scuderia Edition is yours, letting you really get behind the wheel of all those PC and PS3 racing game-sports cars that make this life one worth living. The Cockpit is wireless—God knows one more tangled controller cord could put you over the edge—and it folds up for easy stowage. But you aren't going to be stowing this thing; it's going to be a monument to your new and improved life.

Look at that. Not a pork rind or a dirty sock in sight. As for the Cockpit itself, it's a fully customizable, detailed reproduction of a real Ferrari 430 Scuderia, sporting an 11" wheel and a brake pedal with magnetic resistance for more realistic pedal-mashing. Most enticingly, its 23-pound metal body will keep it from toppling when you're leaning into those turns. And you will be.

Start scouring the crevices of your threadbare couch for change now—the $249.99 Ferrari Wireless GT Cockpit 430 Scuderia Edition will be available to drive you far, far away from this miserable life next month. [Thrustmaster]


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