This Flip iPhone Is Crazy and We Want One Now

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Gizmodo’s favorite speculative industrial designer Martin Hajek is at it again. This time, he’s created something that could almost be true: an Apple flipphone for the Japanese market.

Before doing these beautiful concept designs, Hajek asked himself what would happen if “Apple decided to do an iPhone for the Japanese market.” Speaking to Gizmodo via email, he mused:

Over in Japan people are still crazy for these so-called ‘garakei’ phones; the huge flipphones which have been around for ages. Despite the iPhone’s huge popularity in Japan the Japanese just can’t get enough of these mobile monstrosities. Presenting the garakeiPhone! Probably too difficult to engineer but still - a fun project to do ... and hopefully see. :-)


I want to live in the alternate future where this happens.


See more on Hajek’s website.

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