This Fully Waterproof Headlamp Will Make an Adventurer Out of Anyone

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Up 100 lumens of illumination, distance and strobe modes, red LEDs to preserve night vision, and a fully waterproof body. Yes, the Black Diamond Storm is an oddly appealing sounding headlight.


It's so appealing in fact, that I'm almost tempted to order one for $40 and find a cave to explore right now. [Black Diamond Equipment]

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I really hate to be the one to say it, but Black Diamond lights haven't been as good, in my opinion, as others in the space. I have had three and am pretty intimate with their line and I gotta say that for the money, Princeton tec is my taker. Their quad is waterproof and bright. it also lasts longer than my current black diamond. Dont get me wrong...they are made very very well and they provide good light patterns and are comfy....but their circuity isn't as well designed as others and is more lossey so the batteries just dont last as long. With new batteries, both lights are great and my black diamond is actually a little brighter, but it fades faster and more sharply than the Princton Tec. Just my 2 cents. now if you want a small omni-directional WILL NOT find a better small lantern than the orbit. FAN BLEEDIN' TASTIC!


and you can [or used to be able to] get it in white, for those who need to have stuff in white....