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This Gallery Of Supernatural Fan Art Reveals A Behind-The-Scenes Story

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We lost a member of our community today, io9-commenter and O-deck mainstay, §erenada. As we looked through her commenting and posting history, we uncovered this lovely gallery of artwork she did detailing one of Supernatural's offscreen stories which we're sharing with you now.

§erenada regularly wrote recaps and analyses of Supernatural, which you could often see spliced over onto io9. In this gallery, she took one of the off-screen stories that underpinned season 5 and drew out how she imagined it might unfold:

There's an unshown subplot in season 5 of Supernatural (SO SPOILERS) where Cas is looking for God. It's never made clear how, although a little bit where, and I was inspired by the following SPN work (click, seriously, it needs to be seen large) by Ravenno. So I thought...what if that was part of his search? That he went to animals and asked them if they knew where God was too, in addition to anything else he tried. I've completed three pictures:


She also included one unfinished picture here:


She will be missed and people are sharing their memories here.