This Giant RC Truck Is the Barbie Jeep's $5,000 Off-Roading Cousin

As everyone from Texas already knows, bigger is always better, be it a giant steak or a remote control pickup truck that’s six and a half-feet long, making it roughly a third the size of the real thing. At $5,250, the Mammuth Works’ Rewarron doesn’t come cheap, but you can thrash it around a track without ever having to worry about your insurance rates going up.

Weighing in at 375 pounds, the Rewarron boasts a working suspension, real disc brakes, a light bar for driving at night, and a pair of spare tires should you find yourself needing a fix after a jump that would make the Dukes of Hazzard proud. About the only thing missing is a seat so you can ride along or use this tiny truck as your new daily commuter.

[YouTube via The Awesomer]

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way way to much intro. just show the damn truck jumping lol