This gorgeous Star Trek Clock uses Starships to tell the time

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It's D'kora past D'deridex! If you love the myriad ships of the Trek universe, this elaborate hand-made clock might just be for you.

This amazing bit timekeeping comes from Etsy User YougNeek (which as much as it looks like that's an old Star Trek race, is meant to be pronounced 'Unique', apparently), and actually uses Galoob's old Star Trek Micro Machine toys painted to get the fancy metallic effect - as someone who used to love Micro Machines, there's something really cool about that!


YougNeek lets you customise the twelve ships you have on each hour on the clock - certain rarer toys like Voyager and the Defiant might cost you more - as well as the larger ship that sits at the centre of it, with everything from DS9 to Station K-7. As it's hand made and sourced from all these vintage toys though, the clock is a pricey endeavour - $130, and potentially more depending on the ships you choose to go on it. Still, it's pretty swish, and who doesn't love a clock made out of toys?

[Etsy via Technabob]

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