This Guy Proposed to His Girlfriend By Faking a Plane Crash

We've seen some awesome, hilarious and good-hearted proposals but we've never seen anything as twisted as this: a guy and girl fly a two person plane and take in the sweeping views (cue: aww) but then things take a wild turn, as the plane begins to crash. Well, "crash".


You see, the guy tricked his girlfriend into thinking the plane was going down and the flight controls weren't responding so she could read him the instructions on what to do. Those instructions were, of course, altered to reveal his proposal. It's cute but oh my freaking lord scary. [Ryan Thompson via BuzzFeed]


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It's stories like this where I love seeing the Gawker independent editorial staffs at work.

Jezebel was naturally appalled, Gawker was weirdly neutral, and Gizmodo was...surprise, surprise - also appalled!

Well done. Appalled is the correct response. I don't understand why the ABC News people were okay with this. Did no one consider it worth asking such hard-hitting journalistic questions like:

-What the hell were you thinking?

-Why hasn't the FAA suspended your pilot's license?

-Why weren't you arrested for reckless endangerment the moment your feet touched the ground?

-When will your fiancee seek psychiatric help for her self-hatred?