This Guy Proposed to His Girlfriend with a Drone

When I think of romantic, when I think of heartwarming, when I think of being sweet... I don't think of drones. But if I think of awesome and if I think of kickass and if I think of freaking cool... I do think of drones. So guy who used a flying drone to drop off the ring while you proposed, you're awesome.


Jason proposed to his wife Christina at Alamo Square in San Francisco (think the opening credits of Full House) by tricking her on video. He was interviewing his wife on camera while a drone flew in from a nearby building to deliver the ring. She was initially confused by the situation but when she realized what was happening, it was as romantic as any proposal can be. Gotta love any excuse to use a drone.

Jason had hired photographer Chris Geiger to capture the whole proposal and he stitched the video above together. [Chris Geiger via Geek]



Should have used the predator instead. Much more efficient of course