This High Tech Criminal Wunderkind Puts Any Bond Villain To Shame

Wired has an incredible article on Gerald Blanchard, a young criminal mastermind with a "savantlike ability to assess security flaws." The story opens with him parachuting onto a Viennese castle to steal a $2 million diamond jewel. Yeah.

In addition to his unique ability to find security holes, Blanchard used every type of surveillance gadget available as he meticulously planned his heists. Before stealing money from one bank, the article explains:

He had put a transmitter behind an electrical outlet, a pinhole video camera in a thermostat, and a cheap baby monitor behind the wall. He had even mounted handles on the drywall panels so he could remove them to enter and exit the ATM room.


In this case, it's hard not to root for the bad guy. [Wired via BoingBoing]

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