If you've got a mix of hard and carpeted floors in your home that you just don't feel like cleaning, you usually have to rely on two separate cleaning bots to get the work done. But you can write your Roomba and Scooba a letter of recommendation and send them on their way now that Moneual's new Rydis H67 promises to tackle both tasks with one machine.


Given a wet mop would only serve to further muck up dirty carpets, the microfiber pad the H67 uses on hard wood and tile floors can be removed depending on what needs cleaning. And the vacuum is smart enough to actually avoid carpeted surfaces while the mopping pad is attached.

On a full battery it can actually mop for about five hours straight in a back and forth zip-zag motion, but you can expect that battery life to be considerably shortened when the vacuum's motor is running. But like any good robo vac, it will automatically return to its charging station when it's running low.

At $400 available at Best Buy starting today, it isn't overly expensive, either, especially considering it does the work of two devices. And as an added bonus, with only a single robo cleaner in your home, it has no one to gossip around the water cooler with and get distracted from work. [Moneual]


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