Now that Lego actually makes official Jurassic World sets, it’s easier than ever to recreate Isla Nublar in brick form. But two amazing fans went one step further and mashed up all four Jurassic movies into a single display set—and it looks fantastic.

Paul Trach and Markus Aspacher, based in Germany and Austria respectively, came together to make the monumental build for the Bricking Bavaria Munich convention, where, unsurprisingly, it took home the award for Best in Show. I mean, just look at it. It’s not hard to see how that happened.

Each man built two sections of the display, depicting an iconic moment from each film—Jurassic Park’s T-Rex feasting on a poor goat, the trailer attack from The Lost World, Jurassic Park III’s aviary sequence, and the Mosasaurus feeding from this year’s Jurassic World.

Not only is each individual vignette remarkably well done and packed with some spectacular details, each massive sculpture—which took a year’s planning and nearly three months of construction—is connected together with a remarkably well done water effect made out of various shades of translucent blue 1x1 tile pieces, tying the whole display together wonderfully.

You can see way more pictures of the detail in this remarkable diorama over on Paul and Markus’ Flickr pages.

[Brothers Brick via /Film]

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