This iPhone 4 Spontaneously Caught Fire In a Flight

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This iPhone 4 started to glow red and smolder with dense fumes in the middle of a flight to Sydney, Australia. Fortunately, a flight attendant stopped it from exploding violently, something that has happened before with other gadgets.


The owner of the self-combusting iPhone wasn't doing anything extraordinary with it. The iPhone's battery just started to overheat in the middle Regional Express' flight ZL319, going from Lismore to Sydney. According to the airline, the flight attendant extinguished following standard emergency procedures. Nobody was injured.

The phone now is being analyzed by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. [Australian Aviation via BGR]



Look closely at the photo. The iPhone that exploded had been modified, that's a custom back panel with the Steve Jobs Apple logo. Obviously, the person who did the mod either caused damaged something while doing the mod, or the case didn't allow heat to dissipate as it can with the stock back.

This isn't some "the iPhone 4 can explode" story, it should be a cautionary tale about modifying hardware.