This Is An Animal, Not a Penis

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This is a peanut worm. It is an animal. Not a penis. But it looks like a penis.

A team of Australian researchers have been sharing photos from their month-long expedition with the RV Investigator, a research vessel currently exploring the oceans off of Australia’s coast. We covered their last phallic discovery, a seemingly faceless fish.

But if you thought that freaky creature kind of looked like a penis, then you’re going to love the peanut worm. Which looks even more like a penis.


It all started when the IBTimes shared their tweet, embedded above. People really liked it. Because it looks like a penis. Humans love laughing about things that look like penises. I, being a human, also laughed at the penis.

But it’s not a penis. It’s a worm. Also called the Sipuncula (a word whose letters you can rearrange to say “Luc, a pinus!”), there are at least 147 peanut worm species to ogle. Its name comes from the fact that when it retracts, it looks like a peanut. These animals can reproduce both sexually and asexually, according to Wikipedia, a website I feel okay citing because I’m blogging about a worm that looks like a penis.


You might be surprised to find out that there are other species of sea worms that look like penises, too!


Anyway, glad you got to see this picture of a worm that looks like a penis. We’ll continue sharing the RV Investigator’s findings as they come out. Especially if they look as much like a penis as this one does.

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