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This Is Classic Rock Radio!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Seriously, this is classic rock radio. Real rock. OK, it's cement, but it is real, not any of that plastic crap that you kids consume today. Here's its back, and some more real rock.


According to its creator, Guus Oosterbaan:

My ROCK Radio is number two in my cement-audio-series. It started of being a very nice rectangular brick shape. Then I found out that a thick layer of cement shields the radio from actually receiving radio waves. With my "Now it doesn't work anyway" philosophy, I took a big hammer and created this Flintstones look, and the radio works!


You Mr. Guus Oosterbaan you, you are pure win. [Guusoosterbaan via Likecool]

And the promised real rock:


Having a bloody great weekend, peeps.