This Is Objectively the Best Prom Photo Ever

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Everyone say "PROM!" Prrrrrom... CREACRACKSHRIEKSPLASHOOOF. That's pretty much what happened to a group of Wisconsin students who decided to take their prom pictures on a dock over a lake. It's the best prom picture I've ever seen.

Josh Orne, one of the kids in the picture, said that someone said they heard two cracks right before the dock came crashing down and sending everyone in their Sunday's finest down a lake in Oconomowoc (30 miles west of Milwaukee). He said:

"The girls started screaming and basically the guys started laughing. Because it took us no time to get ready, and it took them all week to do it."


Orne's mom had the humor to keep on snapping pictures while another mom jumped into the lake and helped pull students out. As always, the lesson is moms are the best. Oh and don't put 20 people on a creaky dock.

All the kids eventually made it to the Prom, wet and all. High school! Yeah! [NBC Philadelphia, Image Credit: AP]