This Is the Greatest Lego Mecha I've Ever Seen

Gizmodo alumnus Joel Johnson says this is "perhaps the most fully realized Lego mech build I have ever seen." I've seen many amazing Lego mechas in my life and I don't agree. I think it's the greatest, period. There's no perhaps here. It's just amazing. The scale of this model coupled with its mobility is formidable. Serious engineering and thinking went into this model (update: the author, Zane Houston, is a geology and geological engineering student at Colorado School of Mines, which explains that part).

The aesthetics are perfect, as is the incredible detail—like the illuminated jets on its back. Completely worth of becoming an official Lego set via Lego Cuusoo (Cuusoo is the name of Lego's version of Kickstarter. Ish). Its name is Atlas, a juggernaut robot piloted by the Juggernaut—the Marvel character who's the stepbrother of the X-men's mentor, Charles Xavier. [FlickrThanks Joel!]


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