This Is the Largest Known Galaxy in the Distant Universe

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You're looking at ACT-CL J0102-4915. To it's stargazing buddies, though, it's better known as El Gordo—literally, "the fat one"—because it's the largest known galaxy cluster in the distant universe.


Researchers have worked that out by measuring how much the cluster's gravity warps images of galaxies in the distant background. The latest results show that it weighs 3 million billion times as much as our sun—43 percent more massive than earlier estimates. This image, which was used in the analysis, was captured by Hubble. [NASA]

Image by NASA/ESA

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Put all your problems into perspective with the following sentence.

In scale to only the contents of what is seen the image above, the entire earth could potentially be compared in size as being smaller than a single electron compared to the entire Milky Way Galaxy.

....I'm not sure that is exactly accurate... ask Niel Degrasse Tyson, he's smarter than I am...but my point stands...