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This Is the Last Word on Coconut Oil

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Coconut oil has had quite the week! The supposed health food has turned into a pariah thanks to the American Heart Association reviewing existing evidence and deciding it advises against the oil’s use.

The headlines are still raging, with smart people are telling you that coconut oil is fine (just not a health food) and bad publications panicking. Last week, we read over the new AHA paper and realized that the evidence didn’t show coconut oil to be worse than butter (which, again, we don’t think is that bad), like some headlines claim. It’s just another greasy food that will neither kill you nor make you healthier, with some evidence that it might raise both your good and bad cholesterol.

I asked David Klurfeld, National Program Leader for Human Nutrition in the Agricultural Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, what he thought. He definitely wouldn’t recommend saturated fats as health foods. But he felt the new AHA review was simply selecting the studies that reinforced its preconceived views.


We got mad that people are ignoring the science, so we’re just going to show you exactly what the American Heart Association said in its paper. We declare this the last word on coconut oil.