This Is What a Plague of Locusts Actually Looks Like

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A plague of locusts sounds like the kind of biblical torment that we'll never really need to worry about. But they're real, they happen—and boy do they cause trouble.


This picture shows a plague of billions of locusts swarming the island of Madagascar, destroying crops and grazing lands as they go. Worse, the country is already on the brink of famine—and its 13 million inhabitants need things to change, fast.

Current estimates by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization suggest that $22 million is required to bring the plague to a halt by the end of the month using insecticides, and a further $19 million to prevent it recurring. So, umm, brace yourselves for that cicada invasion. [New Scientist]


Image by Bilal Tarabey/AFP/Getty

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13 million people suffering from potential famine. Billions of Protein and Vitamin rich Locust falling from the heavens. What am I missing here?

If people could just get over their ridiculous aversion to bugs and realize that many areas in the world do eat crickets and locust, we could solve that famine issue. Also, these little guys are like an explosion of nutrition packed into a tiny package and quite delicious fried, grilled or sauteed.