Robert Ziegler was doing what most people would do, driving his car and following the instructions of his GPS. The only problem? His GPS led him to a road where he couldn't get out.


Ziegler kept hoping that he'd be brought back to the main road but the GPS kept saying to go forward. It wasn't until he couldn't go forward or turn back around, did he realize the diddily he got himself in. Stuck on top of a mountain, he called for help and got flown out via helicopter (the car too!). A fireman likened the road Ziegler got stuck on as a "glorified goat track".

It speaks to our growing dependence on gadgets that make life super easy like GPS. GPS is absolutely lovely but as Ziegler now knows, we shouldn't blindly follow instructions. Sometimes, we gots to use our noodle. [Daily Mail]

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