This Is What Happens When You Remix Calvin and Hobbes Using Math

What happens when you take one of the world’s best cartoon strips and remix it with some random process math? Wonderful gibberish is what.

Josh Millard has used a Markov chain process to remix Calvin and Hobbes strips into a glorious mess. Markov chains are a random mathematical system where the next step depends only what state a system’s currently in and not on what went before it. Using that kind of system, Millard has taken a series of strips with blanked-out dialogue, then used dialogue stripped from two years-worth of cartoons — including 1,268 lines from Calvin alone —to create new strips.


You can read exactly how it’s done here. Or just click through a series of wonderfully surreal strips here. It’s not the first time Millard has done something like this, though—if you like Garfield, you might also appreciate his Garkov project too.

[Calvin and Markov via Laughing Squid]

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