This Is Why the App Store Now Says 'Get' Not 'Free'

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Next time you go to download an app in the Mac or iOS App Store, you'll notice that apps not requiring an upfront payment no longer say 'Free.' Instead, they sat 'Get.' Here's why.

You see, European regulators want to try and protect children—and perhaps more accurately, their parents—from expensive in-app purchases. It's been enough to see Apple in court on numerous occasions, and Cook & Co. have even refunded customers over the issue.


Now, it's agreed to change the wording on app downloads, too. Even if free apps are actually free—that's to say, there are no hidden in-app purchases lurking within—you'll now be offered the opportunity to 'Get' the app rather than being told its 'Free.' It's hoped that the subtle change in language is enough to change the way people think about downloading apps.

Whether it will work? Let parental wallets be the judge, perhaps. [TechCrunch]

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