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This Is Why You Should Care About Privacy

You should care about digital privacy. You really should. If you're still not convinced, though, you should watch this video, in which Glenn Greenwald talks passionately about why it' so important.


Greenwald was, of course, one of the first reporters to see the Edward Snowden files way back when. He knows why this matters. The main thrust of our argument here—and it's a good one—is that we're simply not obligated to make ourselves harmless, anodyne line-toeing beings. Rather, we need to be able to express ourselves unwatched—and that means we all need privacy. [TED]

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The mass population simply 'does not get this' and will not until it is nearly too late. I love his example of requesting of those who say they have nothing to hide their login details. That says it all. If you believe that we do not need privacy - prove it. Open your accounts for all to see. ... Yeah, I didn't think so.