This Lamp's Levitating Glowing Disc Borders On Magic

There’s no shortage of fancy lamps on crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, but the Lunaluxx looks like it truly brings something unique and innovative to the table, or your desk, or your bedside table. It uses a small floating disk that glows brilliantly when hit with an invisible blue LED from underneath.


It sounds like witchcraft, but the Lunaluxx works using good old science that just seems like magic. That floating disc, held in place by a pair of strong but distanced magnets, contains phosphor that glows with a warm bright white light when hit from below with a blue LED.

Turning the Lunaluxx on and off is as easy as removing or inserting that floating disc, although you’ll definitely want to ensure it doesn’t get misplaced or your lamp will suddenly be nothing more than a piece of modern art.

The creators of the Lunaluxx have turned to Kickstarter to help realize their dream, and are trying to raise just shy of $70,000. If you’d like to contribute to their cause, and pre-order a Lunaluxx lamp for yourself, a donation of around $130 will get you on the waiting list with a delivery of January of 2016. A long time away, but at least the lamp’s creators are being honest with how long they feel it will realistically take to put it into production, and you don’t see that often on crowdfunding sites. [Kickstarter via Ubergizmo]